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Supplementary Long-term
Care Insurance

Protect yourself against long-term care costs

Supplementary Long-term Care Insurance

Some people will need long-term care at some point in their life. This could be due to an accident or illness such as dementia. Sadly, the cost of these long-term care can quickly exhaust one's savings. Most people thought it was impractical and expensive to afford. But the benefits provided by the statutory long-term care insurance offer only the basic provision for such needs. 


What is Supplementary Long-term Care Insurance?


As the term itself suggests, long-term care insurance is a coverage that provides constant care due to a chronic condition. It is essential to ensure that dependents can be financially independent if situations arise where you would require long-term care. This type of insurance is designed to protect you against costs that arise from long-term care needs.


With this policy in place, people can protect their assets, avoid dependency and maintain the standard of living they ought to have. Other than that, there are more benefits to Allianz’ long-term care insurance.


What are the benefits of Supplementary Long-term Care Insurance?


  • Scope of cover

  • PflegetagegeldBest: Free choice up to a daily rate of 150

  • PflegeBahr: Daily rate is age-dependent (min. 20) for the receipt of state incentives

  • Long-term care is determined by doctors and medical service staff. In congruence, you’ll receive a daily allowance for long-term care depending on the level of care that was assigned to you. This allowance will be paid as a percentage of the daily rate insured.

  • You can increase the daily rate every three years.

  • PflegeBahr: until your 69th birthday by 5 percent (up to the current rate of inflation)

  • PflegetagegeldBest: until your 70th birthday by 10 percent.


The benefits specific to PflegetagegeldBest


  • With PflegetagegeldBest, you will always receive the full insured daily rate for in-patient care in the long-term care levels 2–5.

  • Upon reaching the care level of 5, you do not have to pay premiums anymore.

  • Certain life events like marriage, the birth of a child, death of a life partner can be used to increase your insurance cover by up to 30 % (maximum of 30).

  • Allianz offers you services and other forms of assistance like the arrangement of individual long-term care with a 24-hr. placement guarantee in a care home in the city of your choice. Allianz can, at request, also provide personal advice on long-term care in the comfort of your own home. 

  • For a more extensive Emergency Home Assistance Service, up to 30 per month, following advance payment of statutory long-term care insurance. 

  • PflegetagegeldBest offers worldwide insurance cover.


What other information should you know?


  • PflegetagegeldBest is particularly suitable for anyone who wants to fully extend the basic cover offered by statutory long-term care insurance. On the other hand, PflegeBahr is suitable for people who want to have more cover than that offered by statutory long-term care insurance.

  • The daily allowance for long-term care rates is not suitable for people who are already in need of long-term care.


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