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Supplementary Dental Insurance 

Maintain your pearly whites with preventive care routine

Supplementary Dental Insurance

Getting dental treatment in Germany is expensive. The statutory health insurance mostly only covers some forms of dental treatment. The more specialised the dental procedures are, the more they tend to be costly. Most people with public health insurance choose to get supplemental dental insurance (Zahnzusatzversicherung).


Why do you need supplementary dental insurance?


Treatments that require high-quality fillings or individual implants could get very expensive. With supplementary dental insurance, it will give you optimum comprehensive cover and allows you to reduce your co-payment for dental treatment and dental prosthesis considerably. 

What are the benefits of Allianz DentalPlus/DentalBest?

Preventative dental treatment

Receive a subsidy of EUR 100 with DentalPlus, and EUR 120 with DentalBest for the maintenance and care of your teeth.


Dental treatment

We will reimburse you the costs of high-quality oral treatment such as synthetic fillings, root and periodontist treatment, etc. 


Dental prostheses, inlays, implants

For high-quality dental prostheses like ceramic blended crowns, inlays, and implants, you’ll receive 75% of the cost with DentalPlus, and 90% of the cost with DentalBest.


Special Advantages

  • Very high reimbursement for dental prostheses such as inlays and implants.

    • With the DentalBest rate, up to 90% of the total costs are reimbursed including an unlimited number of implants.

  • Orthodontic treatment for children and young people

    • Receive up to EUR 2,000 with DentalPlus rate, and EUR 3,000 with DentalBest rate for orthodontic treatment for ages up to 21 years old. ​

  • No waiting periods

    • You can instantly take the benefits from the policy inception date.

  • ​A good value for young people

    • At 41, the premium will increase every five years until the age of 61. 

What else do you need to know?

Preliminary coverage by your health insurance fund

A flat rate of 40% of reimbursable expenses is counted if your health insurance fund does not contribute to the costs of periodontics treatment. 


Fees for doctors and dentists

Allianz will provide benefits up to the applicable maximum rates.


Medical necessity

In all rates, the prerequisites for reimbursement is medical necessity. Tooth whitening is not deemed a medical necessity.


Reimbursement amounts

In the first 12/24/36/48 months, Allianz provides benefits up to the following amounts:

DentalPlus EUR 800/ EUR 1, 600/ EUR 2,400 /EUR 3,200

DentalBest EUR 900/ EUR 1,800/ EUR 2,700/ EUR 3,600


From the 49th month onwards or after an accident, you receive the benefit in full.

With the coverage of supplementary dental insurance, you can maintain a regular preventive care routine for your pearly whites with high-quality care. 


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