Residential Building Insurance

Cover yourself and your family against financial consequences 

Residential Building Insurance

Safety is the second tier in Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs”. But, we cannot protect our house from storm, hail, lightning, fire or burst water pipes. On the contrary, you can protect yourself and your family against the financial consequences of such events: with the all-round protection of a good homeowners' insurance. Although it is not a legal obligation to get this type of insurance, it is highly recommended.


What is Residential Building Insurance?


Homeowners insurance or residential building insurance covers the costs of repairs and reconstruction for your home in case of damage due to fire, storm, or broken water pipes. In Germany, almost everyone that owns a house or apartment has residential building insurance.

What are the benefits of residential building insurance?

Insurance Cover


In the event of damage, the residential building insurance reimburses the costs of all necessary repair work up to the complete reconstruction of your building, including incidental building costs such as architects' fees.


Insurable Risks


In principle, damage caused by fire, lightning and explosion; tap water, burst pipes and frost as well as storm and hail are insured. Losses caused by other natural hazards such as flooding, earthquakes, landslides, snow pressure, avalanches or backwater can also be covered.


Protection against price increases


Residential buildings insurance continually adapts to changing building prices. There is insurance cover without a maximum limit of indemnity for restoration of the insured building and for the restoration or repair of insured property (floating replacement value insurance).


Alliance Craftsman Service

In the event of damage, Allianz Craftsman Services will take over the complete organisation and control of the repair work free of charge, including invoicing the craftsmen.


Extended Warranty


Extended warranty up to six years, 24/7 availability, quality assurance and fast, uncomplicated processing.


Additional Coverage


The residential building insurance not only protects your house including garages and carports, but also building components and accessories such as sanitary installations, electrical systems, antennas and awnings.

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