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Real Estate Mortgage for Expats

Finance, secure & protect your dream home

Real Estate Mortgage

As an expat looking to purchase a property in Germany, you will realise that there are no restrictions. However, the maximum amount that you can borrow depends on your residence status in Germany. 


Turn your dream home into a reality. Enjoy sustained luxury living by financing, securing, and protecting your real estate property. The Allianz Construction Financing is here to partner with you and establish secured real properties.


Allianz has been serving customers for almost a hundred years now and currently managing real estate loans worth EUR 25.6 billion. Acquiring 12,700 new contracts worth EUR 4.8 billion in 2019 alone. Maintain the life you want for your family like how others chose to. 


What are the benefits when you choose Allianz?

  • Receive attractive interest terms

  • Fixed interest rates range from 5 to 40 years

  • Interest rate security until the end of the financing models

  • Simple protection of your financing

  • Allianz is not only a financier but also a partner for property security.

  • The local contact person is either a self-certified financing consultant or has permanent access to a financing expert.

Why is it good to finance your property now?

  1. Real property prices are usually high. Interest rates, on the contrary, have never been so low. Thus, this is the best time to consider financing your property.

  2. Financing your home can be the source of your ‘second pension’. You can enjoy the flow of your money coming from your financed property.

  3. Since the interest rates are low, you’ll be able to repay more. That way, credit is paid off faster.

  4. Renting out your property is financially rewarding. It will allow you to hold onto your property and gives you the option to sell in case it appreciates.


Match up your dream to reality. At the Allianz, expect a secured living for you and your family. Owning real estate property, for many people, can be one of the best investment choices. Build the ideal life you always dream of together with Allianz.