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Private Liability Insurance

Protect yourself from third-party damages

Private Liability Insurance

In Germany, you are legally responsible for physical or material damages you caused to others whether it was intentional or not. The best way to protect yourself from such claims is to secure a private liability insurance.


What is Private Liability Insurance?

Unfortunate events and accidents happen when you least expect them. It can be as simple as accidentally breaking your neighbour’s vase or spilling red wine on their exquisite woven carpet. These unfortunate accidents, mishaps, or events can get you sued in Germany and you are held liable for such damages.


In simple terms, private liability insurance protects you from claims or damages against you such as personal injury, property damage, or financial losses, whether intentional or not. When somebody makes a claim, your private liability insurance covers the cost of damages.


This type of insurance may not seem a huge priority but most Germans consider this as the most practical, useful, and important of the other voluntary types of insurance. It particularly is driven by the German’s culture and sense of personal accountability and liability.

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What are the benefits of Private Liability Insurance?


Personal injury, property damage, financial losses

In the event of damage, the private liability insurance company will check up to what extent there is a liability to pay compensation. It will also check whether paying compensation is justified and will defend you against unjustified claims in court, if necessary.

Protection abroad

If you are covered by private liability insurance with Allianz, you are insured around the clock. That means you’re still covered even if you are temporarily staying abroad.

Bad debt loss cover

In the Smart, Comfort and Premium tariffs, Allianz will cover your claims if you suffer personal injury or damage to property through the fault of a third party, which the party responsible cannot pay due to insolvency or lack of insurance. Even bodily injury caused by intentional acts of third parties is insured (protection of victims of violence).

Special risks/special solutions

Anyone who rents out real estate or keeps dogs/horses, for example, bears risks that go beyond the usual extent and can receive additional protection from Allianz in return.

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