Private Health Insurance for Expats

Protect yourself against unexpected costs due to health risks

Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance gives you freedom of choice and self-empowerment. With private health insurance, you are free to choose your own doctor and can structure your health protection to suit your own needs and wishes. Your contractually agreed benefits are guaranteed on a lifelong basis. 


Rather than choosing the statutory health insurance, you are able to take out a private health insurance plan in certain circumstances. If you decide that private health insurance is the most suitable for your needs and you are employed, you will need to advise your employer so that they will not register right away in the statutory health insurance scheme. 


If you fall under any of the following categories, private health insurance may be suitable for you:


  • Your annual salary is 64.350 euros.

  • You are a freelancer and conduct your own business.

  • You are a civil servant.

  • You are a foreign student (restrictions apply).


Benefits of Private Health Insurance


  • Out-patient treatment

  • In-patient treatment

  • Dental treatment

  • International coverage

  • Special advantages

  • Exclusive services


Read our latest blog for some FAQs on private health insurance.


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