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Tips for Future Expats in Germany

Are you planning to move to Germany? The country not only offers a high standard of living but offers great job opportunities for expats. So, if you want to enjoy a charming life, Germany is an ideal choice. It is an undeniable fact that moving to another country is a great challenge. And things get even more difficult during pandemic times, so you should be ready for the unexpected.

Things to Know Before You Relocate to Germany

Abide by the Rules

The first and perhaps the most vital thing you must know regarding Germans is that they are very particular about the rules. Also, they are not hesitant to tell anyone if they are violating the laws or doing things the wrong way. For instance, if you don’t walk in the right lane in Germany or don’t stop for the traffic light to turn red before you cross the road. Apart from these rules, it is your moral duty to be punctual while living in Germany. Germans don’t appreciate it if you are late for a business meeting or social appointment, as it is against their culture.

Learn Basic German Language

If you plan to relocate to Germany or stay there, you should learn some basics of the German language. The reason is that in the majority of German cities, residents prefer speaking German over other languages. Besides, all stores, pharmacies, and other businesses are written in their native language, so you can simply get lost.

Majority Places Are Closed on Weekends

If you live in Germany, you should know that people prefer to rest on Sunday. Hence, stores, markets, eateries, and even pharmacies are closed. However, some might be open in the morning hours (10 am – 2 pm).

Recycling is a Priority

Germans love recycling and have made it mandatory in their everyday lives. So, when you deposit plastic or glass bottles in the recycling machine, you are entitled to a tiny refund. German supermarkets feature recycling machines where you can drop your bottles and collect the refund amount.

Keep Cash in Hand

In many German cities, cash is still preferred. Many small bistros, stores, shops, and bars do not offer card payment facilities. So, always keep some cash in your pocket.

Enjoy the Great Public Transport

If you are traveling to Germany for the first time, you will be pleased to know that traveling around the city is easy. The resourceful transport with popular high-speed trains, though, if you have a low budget, you can travel in intercity trains or travel in overnight buses that charge half the price.

Meeting New People

Germans are a bit reserved people, so they take some time to get frank and become friends. So, if you wish to socialize, you can start mingling with people at your workplace. As they start trusting you, you may invite them over to your place for lunch or coffee.

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