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Residential Building Insurance: Germany's Take 2021

Updated: Sep 24

The summer rains in Germany are often a treat to enjoy. From children to senior citizens, you can see everyone frolicking out in the showers. The only people not enjoying the rain? Owners of residential buildings. This situation is because the rains often cause a great deal of damage to their properties to spend money repairing.

As the summers of 2021 grow closer than ever, most Germans are opting for Residential Building Insurance. But why is everyone in Germany getting Residential Building Insurance?

Let’s find out.

What Is Residential Building Insurance

Residential Building Insurance is a type of homeowner’s insurance that protects homes from natural disasters such as rains, hailstorms, and lightning. It is most prevalent in Germany because of its summer rains and the snow in the winters.

These rains and snowstorms often cause significant damage to buildings, forcing landlords to pay large amounts of money to repair roofs, get broken pipes fixed, and install new windows.

There has been a recent rise in Residential Building Insurances because most Germans wish to protect themselves from the financial losses associated with the weather changes of 2021.

Why Is It Beneficial?

‘Better safe than sorry’ — Isn’t that how the old saying goes?

There is no way to predict natural disasters and the damage that they cause to residential buildings. Instead of taking out big loans and suffering from sudden financial losses, it is better to be prepared for every eventuality by having your home insured.

What Is Covered By Residential Building Insurance?

Even though it’ll make you yawn, it is essential to read the insurance policy cover to cover before signing up for it. This is because, very often, certain things you want to be insured are not covered by the policy you’re looking at.

So, what does Residential Building Insurance cover? Let’s dive right in.

● Damage is caused by snowstorms, hailstorms, and heavy rains. This stipulation includes damage done to outer structures such as water pipes and roofs.

● Damage caused by third parties or criminal activity, such as graffiti, vandalism, or theft.

● Destruction of property due to fires. These can be caused by gas explosions, short-circuits, or even just negligence.

● You can also add to have insurance against the damage caused by earthquakes and floods.

Additionally, if you read through the insurance packages, you might find gems such as additional covers against snow pressure and backwater as well.

What It Does Not Cover?

It is essential to know what Residential Building Insurance covers; even more important is knowing what it doesn’t.

So, what doesn’t it cover?

● It does not cover the contents of your home. If someone steals a necklace worth 50,000 euros from inside your home, your Residential Building Insurance will not help you out. However, if the thieves break a window while doing it, you can make a claim.

● Losses due to acts of war are not included in this type of insurance either. However, Germany is unlikely to go into a state of war in 2021, so there is not much to worry about.

● Damage done on purpose is not covered by Residential Building Insurance either.

● Losses incurred by construction near your building are not covered by Residential Building Insurance either.

There are many other types of damage, as well, that are not covered by this kind of insurance.


The German summer in 2021, like all summers, is going to bring with it quite a few rainstorms. It is a good idea to be prepared for all possibilities and sign up for Residential Building Insurance as soon as possible.

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