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Private Liability Insurance for Expats: FAQs

Updated: Sep 24

It’s no doubt that Germans consider private liability insurance the most important voluntary type of insurance. Why? Because accidents and mishaps happen very quickly and before you know it, you might be faced with a heavy financial burden. As it is in Germany, if you cause any damage to third-parties, you are solely liable with your private assets.

In this article, we’ll list more FAQs about private liability insurance.

What does private liability insurance cover?

Most insurance companies cover third-party personal injuries, property damages, defence against unjustified claims, private and professional key loss.

What are the exclusions under private liability insurance?

Meanwhile, most policies do not cover accidents such as damage to your own properties, damaged caused by your business activities, car accidents, legal disputes, privacy and copyright infringement, or locking yourself out in your apartment and you need to call a locksmith to open the door.

Is private liability insurance mandatory?

No, it is not required by law. It is an optional and voluntary insurance.

Can anyone (like my landlord) force me to take out a private liability insurance?

No, not even your landlord can force you to get this insurance.

How much does a private liability insurance cost?

This type of insurance is generally inexpensive and cost between €50-100 per year.

What happens after a damage occurs? How do I report a liability damage?

Once a damage occurs, you must immediately communicate with your insurance company and inform them of the liability claim. Depending on the company’s process, they would usually have forms to fill out. It could be quite hard if you don’t speak German so recommend that you choose a company that provides English-speaking customer service support.

Who needs private liability insurance?

This insurance plan is suitable for everyone.

Will it cover the other members of my family? Insurance companies can provide you with special offers to cover your family including your children and spouse.

Protect yourself from different risks in your everyday life. Got further questions? Let’s discuss and get you covered.

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