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Private Health Insurance for Expats in Germany: FAQs

Updated: Sep 24

If you’ve decided to get a private health insurance in Germany, make sure you conduct your own research thoroughly and shop around. There are about 40 companies offering a wide range of coverage packages at different price points so take time to find the best option that suits your needs. Below are some FAQs that you may want to consider asking:

1. Will the package cover your family members?

Typically, private plans cover only one person. Take some time to research on insurance providers that offer packages for family, discounts or offers for children.

2. What are the restrictions, limitations, or exclusions in the policy?

Public health insurance is based on income and both employers and employees pay a fixed monthly percentage. On the other hand, premiums for private health insurance are calculated based factors such as age, medical history, pre-existing or chronic conditions. Depending on these factors, premiums will be higher and some might not be covered.

3. Will I be covered while I am traveling?

If you travel frequently outside of Germany, you may find a private international insurance package more beneficial. Only treatments in other European Union countries are covered in public insurance. On the other hand, private international insurance can offer more coverage to suit your travel needs outside of the EU.

4. What kind of treatments are included in the coverage?

One of the advantages of private insurance is that can cover treatments excluded from public insurance coverage. These may include alternative or complementary therapies, dental implants, or costs for visual aids. Be sure that you get the coverage the fits your needs.

5. How easy is it to claim reimbursements?

In Germany, most private insurance companies require you to pay to the medical costs upfront and then claim reimbursements. Compared to public insurance, it usually covers costs upfront through your social security contributions. Check the claims processing with different companies so you know what to expect when you need to process claims.

Still undecided? Let’s discuss and explore your options to help you figure out the best plan for you.

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