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Buying A House in Germany | Expat Tips

Updated: Sep 24

Want to have an insight into the German property market? In Germany, the homeownership charges are comparatively low, with more than 50% of the public choosing rental lodgings. Hence, the property market stability makes it an appealing investment opportunity. So, before you even start the house hunt, there are many key aspects to consider.

Why Should You Purchase a House in Germany?

If you are confused between purchasing and renting accommodation in Germany, you should consider the following facts:

  • Homeownership provides a sense of strength and safety.

  • Homeowners have infinite control over their property and can freely choose their utility services, make renovation and décor decisions.

  • Hence, purchasing a house is a big monetary investment, particularly if you have saved capital. The reason is that it will double your investment.

  • Germany is an ideal country to own a house due to the affordable interest rates on mortgage and steady property market.

Property Acquiring Checklist

When you think of purchasing a property, you know it is one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. So, you need to be careful and practical. For this, you must perform detailed research. If you are unsure of where to begin, just review the checklist mentioned below before you purchase a property in Germany:

Taxes and Charges for Home Purchasers

Certainly, purchasing a property is not merely a matter of extracting a mortgage and placing an offer of your dream house. You need to consider numerous property taxes and fees associated with purchasing a home. So, you should find out the details regarding property taxes and charges, before you surprise yourself.


The majority of people who purchase a home require a mortgage. So, what are the particular requirements in Germany? Which mortgages are accessible and what is the procedure to obtain? Can a mortgage consultant or financial guide help you? You should search for answers to all these questions before you make a decision.

Buy-To-Let Possessions

There is no limitation on the immigrant to purchase a property in Germany, regardless if they reside in the country or not. Hence, you can purchase property as a non-resident to rent it. Also, you have the option to rent your own home in Germany (if you shift to another place).

Grants & Subsidies

You know purchasing a home is an expensive task. So, if you are concerned about the financial overburden due to unaffordable prices, the German government is a great help. The government has a policy of granting subsidies, loans, and allowances to the public. This can cover the price of purchasing or constructing a new house, making your home eco-friendly, or purchasing your initial home in Germany.

So, if you plan to move to Germany, there are many appealing reasons to purchase a property in a foreign country and enjoy it for a lifetime.

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