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Occupational Disability Insurance

Protect yourself from financial ruin

Occupational Disability Insurance

However satisfactory and secure we are at work, it does not guarantee lifetime capability. A sudden onset of disability is uncertain. But when it happens, it will cause unfavourable circumstances and a threat of financial ruin.


This unfortunate event is termed as "occupational disability". It happens when an employed person can no longer work on the long-term because of a serious illness or as a result of an accident. Therefore, the employee can no longer earn an income. In some situations, the State Insurance does not always apply and the amount only covers a small portion of your lost income.


What is Occupational Disability Insurance?


A private occupational insurance policy covers individuals who become disabled and are unable to perform the majority of their job duties. This type of insurance policy depends on the individual employed at the time the disability occurs.

Why is Occupational Disability Insurance Important?


According to statistics, one in every four employees in Germany becomes incapacitated throughout his working life. In perspective, an employee who earns a monthly gross income of €5,000 earns €1.8 million (excluding salary increases) in the span of 30 years. As such, the earning capacity of every employee is his/her most valuable asset and must therefore be protected.


As an expat, the challenge you may face is that you will not be covered if you have not paid into the “GRV” for 5 years. The other rule is, you have to have paid at least 3 of the last 5 years paying into the system to be covered. In this circumstance, a private occupational disability insurance is one of the voluntary insurances you would need when moving to Germany. This insurance serves as a protection for the financial future of your family in case there is no other protection.

It is an effective way to protect your earned income.


With this insurance in place, you can expect a certain monthly amount to be paid for the period you are unable to work or become disabled. This coverage allows you to protect your loved ones, especially if they depend on you.


The risk of a disability during your working years is greater than what you think.


Be practical. Anything can happen to anyone at any time. We don’t want the worst to happen, but we have to consider the possibility of it coming into existence. Especially when we are busy and actively working that we could not take care of ourselves anymore. 


It will give you peace of mind.


The unforeseen sickness and disability of a person may leave him financial stress and anxiety due to incapability to provide for the family. But with insurance for this unexpected event, you and your family can continue to move forward despite the difficult times and give you peace of mind. It will save you from worrying about money.


Savings are not enough to become financially secure.


Savings cannot cover all the financial damage that could happen in case of unforeseen events. To be fully prepared to deal with it, having insurance is essential. It is a crucial part of financial planning to safeguard you from financial problems. 


Yes, a sudden disability is fortuitous but take note that Occupational Disability Insurance can still assure you with a continuous flow of income. Protect your future from unnecessary financial risks!


Decide smartly now and begin to invest for yourself and your family. Become proactive before it’s too late. 


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