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Legal Protection Insurance

Protect yourself from steep legal costs

Legal Protection Insurance

In Germany, legal disputes have increased dramatically over the recent years. Anyone can get into a conflict that could be because of an unclear legal situation after a traffic accident or a dispute with a neighbour or an employer. 


Although it is convenient to have a lawyer on your side, the costs of lawyers and legal proceedings can quickly develop into a costly and protracted legal dispute. 


What is Legal Protection Insurance?


Legal expenses insurance protects you from this cost risk and supports you right from the start with important services - in  particular, legal advice over the telephone.

What are the benefits of Legal Protection Insurance?

Reimbursement of costs

In the insured legal protection case, Allianz will assume the costs up to the  agreed insured sum, e.g. for: 

- statutory attorney's fees, court costs, witness expenses,  - court expert costs, interpreter costs,  

- costs of the other party (insofar as there is an obligation  to reimburse) and necessary advances. 


Worldwide insurance coverage

During a stay abroad you are covered worldwide.


Insurable areas of life

You can choose comprehensive coverage in all areas of life as an option or, for example, only for traffic. There is no one-size-fits-all legal protection insurance so you can choose and consider which one suits you best. Most insurance companies would recommend private, professional, and traffic offenses since they’re the most common legal disputes.


Co-Insured persons

Depending on your family situation, Allianz Legal Protection offers cover as a single person, single with child(ren), couple and family. The family includes all persons living in the household regardless of marital status, degree of kinship, age and economic situation. Your children are also insured until the start of

your career, regardless of where they live.



Not every dispute must end in court. In appropriate cases, Allianz can offer you conflict solutions with the help of independent mediators


Talk to us today so we can walk you through the process of getting insurance for your legal protection.