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Daily Sickness Allowance Insurance

Be at ease knowing you are protected against prolonged illness 

Daily Sickness Allowance Insurance

Serious illnesses can cause financial gaps to an employee and a huge loss of earnings to a self-employed individual. Whichever the case may be, the last thing you want is financial burden in an unfortunate case that you are unable to work due to illness or injury. 


What is Daily Sickness Allowance Insurance?

Daily sickness allowance insurance allows you to close this gap, offering various options for protection levels up to the level of your income. Although, we’d like to admit that clients most often turn down this option. Only for them to find out that they can not sufficiently support themselves when it happens. At Allianz, we systematically close the provision gap and secure livelihood if you are hit by prolonged illness.

What are the benefits of Daily Sickness Allowance Insurance?


Payment of the Benefits


  • There is no maximum benefit period. It is paid for an indefinite period. This does not affect other termination reasons e.g. attainment of occupational incapacity status. The agreed benefit payments will start after the end of a transition period of the rate selected. 

  • You will receive the daily sickness allowance tax-free for each day of inability to work including Sundays and holidays. 

Special Advantages


  • Europe-wide validity: Even if you move within the European Union, the European Economic Area, or to Switzerland. Your daily sickness allowance insurance moves with you. 

  • One-stop daily sickness allowance and occupational incapacity insurance:

    • You can only ensure a smooth transition to an occupational incapacity pension, with no payment gaps, if both policies are tailored to suit each other. It’s for this reason that you should combine the daily sickness allowance with Allianz occupational incapacity cover to guarantee end-to-end protection.

  • You have the option of adjusting your daily sickness allowance to reflect general income development, up to the amount of your actual net income, every three years without having to undergo another health check. This would protect you against inflation. 

What else should you know?


  • This insurance is well-suited to all individuals with private insurance. It is a perfect addition to your statutory health insurance. 

  • Daily sickness allowance insurance is not a substitute for business interruption insurance for the self-employed. 

  • The duration of the deferred benefit period depends on the rate that has been taken out. This is the transition period in which the policyholders have to bear the loss of earnings themselves. 

  • If your income drops, please inform us. For a salaried employee whose income has increased, adjustments of daily sickness allowance can be done within two months from the time the salary increased without having to undergo a health check. 


Avoid the risks of insufficiently supporting yourself in an unfortunate event of prolonged sickness. With Allianz daily sickness allowance insurance, you are protected against financial shortfalls.


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