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Please call for your free, no-obligation discussion and quote. Hello, I'm Niko, Munich based ALLIANZ agent born in the US and raised in Germany. I'm fluent in both native English and German.

For the world's finest privat insurance, life insurance, and more, ALLIANZ offers outstanding coverage at surprisingly affordable cost.

We specialize in service for US and India expats plus many other countries now working and living in Germany. Get the ease and greater precision of an agent who speaks English. You will get a better policy without the missteps and confusion found elsewhere.

  • Book your one-on-one appointment now. I'm easy and flexible available, not only 9 to 5.

  • I provide digital and modern communication and consultation via video chat, email and messenger.

  • Complete Consulting Services for insurance, health care, investment, financing, and more.

  • ALLIANZ is a trusted brand worldwide. Get the best of everything you need.

Plus I have quick access to a professional network of attorneys, car services and more. If I don't immediately know the answer or offer the service you want, I can quickly get what you need.

Contact us now for friendly service and expert information. Working hard to make your life better.


Premium Insurance Services in English

Here in Munich it can be difficult to find an insurance agent who is fluent in English. I was born in the US, then raised in Germany. I speak both fluent native English and German.

Many of my clients are expats from the US and India. I help you here in the office not only during business hours or via video chat. I answer your questions and explain all the details of insurance policies and many other services we offer.

I have served in the insurance industry since 2014. Thus far I have had the pleasure of working with more than 500 clients from all parts of the world. All are living in Germany and appreciate having an agent who speaks good English.

I am always per DU. You get friendly, knowledgeable service that is looking out for your best interest. ALLIANZ is a major global insurance brand that offers great policies at affordable prices. We are proud to bring these excellent insurance coverage, investment, and finance opportunities to our customers throughout the region.

I am married with one daughter. Best wishes from my family to yours. Please contact me now to discuss your insurance needs. You are welcome to use chat or email. Please see our contact form.



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Why do we need car insurance?

No matter how carefully you drive - something can happen quickly in traffic. In the event of an accident, the costs for property damage and personal injury can run into millions of euros. That is why motor vehicle liability insurance is a legal requirement for every vehicle. Those who also want to insure themselves against the costs of damage to their own vehicle supplement their insurance cover with partial or fully comprehensive insurance. Ideal if the basic cover already includes the most important services.